Minor in Slavic Languages and Cultures

Undergraduates who are not Slavic majors are encouraged to pursue a Minor in Slavic Languages and Literatures and undertake a focused exploration of our language and cultural traditions (BCS, Czech, Polish, Russian, and Ukrainian).

In order to receive a Minor, students must take five courses:

RUS 107 (or RUS 108 for heritage speakers of Russian)

RUS 207 (or a 300-level course for heritage speakers of Russian)

3 Slavic Department courses beyond RUS 207, of which at least one must be conducted in Russian.

No independent work is required. 

Comparable requirements will be substituted for students wishing to focus on other Slavic languages (BCS, Czech, or Polish). It is allowed to substitute the Center for Digital Humanities’ course “Introduction to Data and Culture” for one of the SLA departmental courses, assuming that materials from Slavic traditions are examined.

Students are encouraged to declare a Slavic Minor by contacting the Department Undergraduate Coordinator Jessica Heslin ([email protected]) in the Spring of their Sophomore year, but they may do so through the Spring of their Junior year.

Minor in Slavic