Senior Exams

Russian Literature Examination

Graduating seniors are required to take an examination on Russian literature. Together with the thesis, junior independent work and departmental grades, this examination is one of four components that determine departmental honors.

The comprehensive exam is based on a core list of works taught in the three survey courses offered by the department. 

Substitute Works

Students may substitute a limited number of works based on their individual interests for the comprehensive exam. The finalized list must be submitted to the Director of Undergraduate Studies one month before the exam.

Take-Home Exam

On the day of the take-home exam, students receive a set of three questions based on the comprehensive list. These are sent no later than 9am on the appointed day in electronic form. Students choose two of the three questions and write in response two analytical essays in English of approximately 1000-1500 words each. The essays should be emailed to the Director of Undergraduate Studies before midnight on the following day (36 hours later). The essay should be sent back in electronic form to the Director of Undergraduate Studies.