Junior Independent Work

Junior Independent Work. Slavic majors are required to take a credit-bearing methods seminar in the fall of their Junior year. This seminar will be devoted to understanding and developing research methods for work in Russian (or other Slavic languages), including those methodologies represented by the faculty in the Slavic Department. Separate from the grade for the seminar, juniors will receive one JP grade for their year-long independent work, which will be recorded on the spring transcript. In the fall term, students will be expected to complete a formal proposal and annotated bibliography for the English language Junior Paper that they will complete in the Spring. The bibliography (20 sources, in Russian or other Slavic languages and English) and proposal (1000 words) will comprise 25% of the year-long junior independent work grade. The English-language paper (25-35 pages), which will incorporate Russian (or other Slavic language) resources to a significant degree, will comprise the remaining 75% of the junior independent work grade. 

Faculty Advisor

Students are assigned a faculty adviser, to whom they are encouraged to submit drafts.  They must submit a draft no later than two weeks before the paper is due. This draft will be returned with grammatical errors underlined (but not corrected). The student is then to rewrite the paper and resubmit it.

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