Undergraduate Program

Educational Goals

  • The Slavic Department aspires to develop in its majors a critically informed appreciation for the literature and culture of Russia and the Slavic world.
  • Majors should develop comprehensive knowledge of those historical trajectories, artistic trends, and intellectual currents that have shaped in a unique way the literary tradition they have chosen as their object of study.
  • Slavic majors should be critically equipped and discerning readers of texts. Apart from intimate acquaintance with primary sources in their area of interest, they are expected to acquire knowledge of theoretical paradigms and productive critical approaches to literature and culture.
  • As linguistic competence is an indispensable prerequisite in the learning process, the Department expects students to attain a level of proficiency that will allow them to work with both primary and secondary sources in the target language. The student’s competence in the chosen Slavic language should enable him/her to appreciate the subtleties of artistic expression in literary works, as well as navigate the intricacies of critical/theoretical texts.
  • Majors are expected to perfect their writing skills, so as to produce work that is solidly structured, rhetorically appealing, and logically sustained.

Russian Language and Culture Certificate Program

The certificate program in Russian Language and Culture offers two options: the first weighted toward language study, and the second weighted toward literary study.

Interested students should contact Jessica Heslin as early as possible in their junior year.

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Undergraduate Dates

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