Kathleen Mitchell - Fox

Graduate Student

Year Begun: 2021

Research Interests: Contemporary Russophone literature (in particular, poetry); protest culture; gender studies; Soviet and post-Soviet postmodernism

Languages: Russian and French

Conference Presentations: 

Through the bublik hole: Russian voices of recolonisation and resistance in Maria Stepanova’s Spolia (2014) (ASEEES 2022)

Post-structural-ish: Julia Kristeva as Mikhail Bakhtin’s dialogic reader (AATSEEL 2023)

Linguistic Non-identities in Varvara Nedeoglo’s "¡ɚБУДЬ Рʏ͍ССҜОЙ+ОЙ+ʙ̥ОЙ/НА/РÕϚϚИЮ!" (2022) (“Russian Poetry in a Time of War” conference, Princeton 2023)