Ivy Truong, Class of 2021


1. Why did you choose Russian culture as your major?
I chose Russian culture as my major after studying abroad in Russia through Princeton-in-Petersburg. I realized then that I wanted to learn more about a culture so outside of my own and so distinct in what I could learn through my studies in Soviet history and literature, in particular.
2. What is your most vivid memory of your college years?
My most vivid memory of my college years (pre-COVID, of course) would have to be the time spent in The Daily Princetonian newsroom. The company and conversations there gave me some of my best friends and were formative in shaping who I am.
3. Which literary work (or any work of art) would you recommend to a newcomer who is interested in Russia, as one of the keys to Russian culture?
Anna Akhmatova’s “Requiem” 
4. Which career path did you choose, and why?
I am pursuing a career in law. Although I spent a good bit of time debating on a journalism career, I recognized the ability of the law to orchestrate change on both a micro- and macro- level, impacting individual citizens as well as institutions at large.
5. What are you currently working on?
I’m in law school at The University of Chicago Law School! I can proudly say that the reading, writing, and research skills I gained as a Slavic major has more than prepared me for the rigors of law school. I was fortunate that law schools recognized the unique perspective that a Slavic major could bring and was accepted to some top-notch law schools, including Stanford and Harvard.
6. Are there any other comments that you'd like to add?
Additional comments: Along with the close-knit feel of the department and opportunity to develop relationships with professors, I’ve made long-lasting friends through the Slavic department. Those relationships alone have made being a Slavic major worth it.