Erin Tupman

Graduate Student
BA in Russian Studies, minor in Comparative Literature from College of Wooster 2019, Summa Cum Laude, Phi Beta Kappa.  Senior Thesis (with Honors): “The Memorialization and Legacy of the Soviet Playwright Aleksandr Vampilov in the Irkutsk Region.”
Year Begun: 2020
Research Interests: 
Siberian Literature, History, Culture, and Identity; Russian/Soviet Theater; Thaw-Era Literature; Effect of Ecology on Identity; Modern Green Movement in Russia; Identity in the Former Yugoslavia; Small Peoples of the North; City-Provincial Dichotomy in the Russian Literary Canon.
Languages: English (Native), Russian, Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian (Beginner), Spanish (Reading)
Conference Presentations:
-“Устойчивое развитие в американских университетах (Sustainable Development in American Universities)” presented as the Keynote address at the Irkutsk Volunteer Center’s Eco-conference, Irkutsk, Russia, February 2020.
-“Siberian Literature, Regional Environmental Activism, and Defining What It Means to be a Sibiriak presented at the Fulbright Midyear Enrichment Seminar, Moscow, Russia, January 2020. 
-“Aleksandr Vampilov: Foreign Language and Dramatic Power Play in Last Summer in Chulimsk” presented at Midwest Slavic Conference, The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH, March 2018.
-“Музыка вокруг нас (Music Around Us)” presented at the International Student Conference on Cultural Exchange at Irkutsk State University’s International Institute of Economics and Linguistics, November 2017. 
Hometown: Fishers, IN