Emma George

Graduate Student

Year Begun: 2022

Research Interests: Russian literature and cultural history of the 18th and 19th centuries, imperialism, national identity, literature and music, popular print culture and the lubok, literary translation, historical fiction.

Languages: Russian, French (Intermediate), Polish (Beginner) 


«Поэзия (не)насилия. Международная конференция «Поэзия последнего времени» (Принстонский университет, 15-16 апреля 2023 года)». Новое литературное обозрение № 184/6 (2023). 

Conference Participation:

“В чужие области скакать: Envisioning the Linguistic, Cultural, and Spatial Expansion of the Russian Empire in Derzhavin’s «Фелица»" (ASEEES, 2023)

“Tolstoy’s Musical Critiques of Nationalist and Imperialist Violence in War and Peace and ‘After the Ball’” (Tolstoy Studies Journal Conference, Tbilisi, 2023)

Translator/participant in "Translation in Wartime” panel (“Russian Poetry in a Time of War” conference, Princeton, 2023)

“‘An Enormous Chorus, Moving in Rhythm’: Tolstoy’s Understanding of History and its Post-Romantic Musical Metaphors in War and Peace” (Princeton-Columbia Graduate Conference, 2023)

A.B. in Slavic Studies, History, and Comparative Literature, Brown University (2022). Honors Thesis: “Engraving Empire: Lubok Prints and Russian Identities from the Enlightenment to Romanticism”