Thursday, May 6, 2021

Information about this grant can be found on the ASEEES website

Wednesday, Apr 14, 2021

The Graduate School hereby authorizes the department to conduct the Final Public Oral Examination of:

David Hock

Monday, 4/19/2021 at 10:00 AM (EST)

"From a Space Out of Time: Russian Poetry and Aesthetic Ideology after the Soviet Union"

Wednesday, Apr 7, 2021

Congratulations, Laura!

Monday, Feb 22, 2021

“The Nose”: A Stylistic and Critical Companion to Nikolai Gogol’s Story which is now ready for print and distribution (Boston: Academic Studies Press, 2021):

Sunday, Nov 22, 2020

With great sadness, the Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures announces the passing of Nikolai Alekseevich Bogomolov, one of the greatest literary scholars of our time. Nikolai Alekseevich passed away on 20 November 2020 in Moscow at the age of 69, a victim of the coronavirus.

Monday, Nov 9, 2020

Olga Peters Hasty’s How Women Must Write: Inventing the Russian Woman Poet (Northwestern University Press, 2019) is the 2020 recipient of the Association of Women in Slavic Studies Barbara Heldt Prize for Best book in Slavic/Eastern European/Eurasian Wo

Monday, Oct 5, 2020

"In his 'Defense of Poetry,' Shelley wrote that "it is impossible to read the compositions of the most celebrated writers of the present day without being startled with the electric life which burns within their words.

Sunday, Mar 29, 2020

Ilya Vinitsky. War and Pestilence: The Epidemiological Motif in L. N. Tolstoy’s Historical Epic