Book Talk: Ukraine Is Not Dead Yet: A Family Story of Exile and Return

a talk by Megan Buskey
Mar 18, 2024, 4:30 pm6:00 pm
245 East Pyne


Event Description

Title: The Political Significance of Ukrainian Family Histories

Description: Growing up in Cleveland in the final years of the Cold War, writer Megan Buskey understood little about her Ukrainian family’s traumatic history. It was only well into adolescence that she learned that her mother had grown up in a gulag exile settlement in Siberia because her grandparents had been deported there from their Ukrainian village after the Second World War.

As an adult, Megan spent years researching her family’s experience for her book, Ukraine Is Not Dead Yet: A Family Story of Exile and Return (ibidem, 2023). Praised as “a painfully honest and carefully researched journey of a Ukrainian American into her family’s complicated and difficult past” by historian Jan Gross, it provides a personal tour through essential and sometimes disturbing aspects of recent Ukrainian history, including sexual violence, Nazi collaboration, and Ukrainian nationalism.

In this talk, Megan Buskey will discuss the political significance of Ukrainian family histories in light of the restrictions placed on memory during the Soviet period, share what she learned about her family’s experience, and connect their story to current politics, specifically Russia's invasion of Ukraine.