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AATSEEL's Russification page has useful information about configuring your computer to work with Cyrillic. Includes information for Windows and Macintosh systems. is a tool for converting among systems for representing Cyrillic, including KOI8, CP1251, Unicode, and transliteration. Also includes a keyboard where Cyrillic characters can be manually entered, as well as a translation aid that links all words in a Russian text to a dictionary.

Translation and Dictionaries

Lingvo by ABBYY is a powerful online dictionary with several specialized lexicons.'s dictionary page offers online versions of dictionaries, encyclopedias, and specialized references.

Dictionary of Russian abbreviations

Словарь русского языка в 4-х т. (Под ред. А. П. Евгеньевой.— М.: Рус. яз.; Полиграфресурсы, 1999)

Поэтический словарь А. П. Квятковского. (Науч. ред. И. Роднянская. — М.: Сов. Энцикл., 1966) - a reference of poetic terminology.

Other Language Resources maintains a frequently-updated collection of Russian neologisms. has resources related to the rules of Russian orthography and punctuation.

Национальный корпус русского языка