"Visualizing Radicalism, Narrating Change: The Aesthetics and Political Paradigms of the Twenties"

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100 Jones Hall
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open to the public
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A lecture by Nina Gourianova, Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Studies at Northwestern University. Professor Gourianova's scholarship in the fields of literature and art history encompasses both Russian and European modernist and avant-garde movements, with a specific emphasis on the interrelation and mutual influence of aesthetics and politics. A well-recognized expert on the Russian avant-garde, Gourianova served as the primary curatorial consultant of Russian Futurist and Constructivist books in 2002. Her most recent book, The Aesthetics of Anarchy (2012), explores the question of creative freedom.
Part of the "Soviet: Modernity and Empire" lecture series. (Next lecture: Nancy Condee, University of Pittsburgh, April 22, 2014.)

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Standard Event
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Thursday, March 27, 2014 - 6:00pm