Trump & Russia - A Conversation with Scholars and Journalists

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Betts Auditorium
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The connections among President Donald Trump, his campaign advisers, the Russian government under Vladimir
Putin, and Russian business elites are the subject of intense, partisan scrutiny in the US Congress and US media. Three
experts survey what is and is not known about Trump and Russia, exploring the DNC hacking scandal, Trump’s time
in Russia in 2013, kompromat, and the implications for the presidency as well as international relations.

A panel discussion featuring:

Masha Gessen journalist, activist, Putin biographer

Shaun Walker Moscow correspondent, The Guardian

Miriam Elder World Editor, Buzzfeed News

Deborah Kaple Sociology (discussant)

Moderated by:
Caryl Emerson Slavic Languages and Literatures
Simon Morrison Music

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Standard Event
Event Date: 
Wednesday, March 8, 2017 - 4:30pm