Slavic Graduate Student Conference: In Media Res: Intermediality and the Borders of 20th Century Culture

Event Location: 
Rocky Mathey Classroom, East Pyne 010
Event Audience: 
Slavic faculty and graduate students
Event Detail: 

Thursday, October 20, at Rocky/ Mathey Classroom of Rockefeller College:

9:30am - Breakfast

9:45am - Opening Remarks

10am - 11:30am - Panel 1

Speaker 1 Iga Nowicz (Humboldt U), “The Bosnian war as a media(ted) event in exophonic texts by Marica Bodrozic and Alma Hadzibeganovic”

Speaker 2 Irina Schulzki (U of Munich), “Writing by Traces” in Mikhail Shishkin’s Prose”

Speaker 3 Bradley Goerne (U of Michigan), “The Painterly Origins of Modern Literary Theory, or, Roman Jakobson’s Intellectual Promiscuity”

Discussant: Miranda Jakisa (Humboldt U)

Chair Gabriella Ferrari (Princeton U)


11:45am - 1:15pm - Panel 2

Speaker 1 Yuri Boyanin (La Trobe U), “Monuments are Temporary, People are Permanent: Soviet Monuments as Media in Mountainous Kyrgyzstan”

Speaker 2 Kamila Kocialkowska (Cambridge U), “The Censored Subject: Photomontage as Photographic Defacement under Stalin”

Speaker 3 Christoforos Pavlakis (U of Macedonia), “Andrićgrad: Hijacking Memories And The New Serb Identity”

Discussant: Serguei Oushakine (Princeton U)

Chair Elizaveta Mankovskaya (Princeton U)


1:15pm - 2pm - Lunch

2pm - 3:30pm - Panel 3

Speaker 1 Niovi Zampouka (Humboldt U), “Intermediality as Allegoresis: Maxim Grek’s Travels through Space, Time and Canons”

Speaker 2 James Meador (U of Michigan),“After the Chinese”: Language Contact in Russian Poetry of the Eastern Emigration”

Speaker 3 Kamill Moll (Humboldt U), “Borders in a constant state of flux: Transgressing bodies and genres in Witold Gombrowicz’s Dziennik”

Discussant: Heinrich Kirschbaum (Humboldt U)

Chair David Hock (Princeton U)



At East Pyne 010:

4:30pm - 6pm – Artist’s Talk with Boryana Dragoeva Rossa

6:30 - Dinner



Event Type: 
Standard Event
Event Date: 
Thursday, October 20, 2016 - 9:00am