Princeton - Columbia Graduate Student Conference

Event Location: 
245 East Pyne
Event Audience: 
Graduate Students
Event Detail: 

10:15am Opening Remarks

10:30am Panel 1: 19th Century Literature: Poetics, Ethics, Politics

Emily Wang. The Death of Byron: Pushkin and the Decembrists (Princeton)

Erica Drennan. The Storyteller’s Storytellers: Structure and Power Dynamics in Leskov's Frame Narratives (Columbia)

Denis Zhernokleyev. Love's Abode Beyond Good and Evil: Crime and Punishment as the Anti-Ethical Novel (Princeton) 

Discussant: Liza Knapp (Columbia)

Chair: Massimo Balloni (Princeton)


12:15pm Panel 2: Literature and Theater: Metanarratives

Margarita Vaysman. Right-to-Left: Ideology and Metafiction in the Russian Novels of the 1860s (Oxford/ Columbia)

Alisa Ballard. "No Special Site or Building:" Locations of Theater in Nikolai Evreinov's Theory of the Theatrical Instinct (Princeton)

Will Hanlon. Too Real for Fantasy: The Hybrid Fictional Universe of Vladimir Nabokov's Ada (Columbia) 

Discussant: Caryl Emerson (Princeton)

Chair: Eliza Rose (Columbia) 


3:00pm Panel 3: Critical Approaches to Culture

Victoria Juharyan. The Cognitive Value of Love in Tolstoy and Bakhtin (Princeton)

Irina Denischenko. The Word Never Died: Zhivoe slovo as Bakhtin Circle’s Alternative to the Resurrection Paradigm (Columbia)

Elizaveta Mankovskaya. Post-Soviet Advertising and Exposure to Everyday Communication: Mechanisms of Cultural Memory in the Series of Imperial Bank Commercials (Princeton)

Discussant: Edward Tyerman (Columbia)

Chair: Lev Nikulin (Princeton)


4:45pm Panel 4: Late and Post Socialist Cultural Production

Maria Lechtarova. A Comparative Study of National Identity in Post-Soviet Russia and Bulgaria Through Peircian Deconstruction of Commercial Medias: The Historical Evolution of Complimentary Collective Memories (Columbia)

Gabriella Ferrari. The Body Gesture in Komar & Melamid (Princeton)

Bradley Gorski. Aleksei Ivanov's Buried Treasure: Pugachev's Rebellion and Enchanted Ural Geography (Columbia)

Discussant: Serguei Oushakine (Princeton)

Chair: Marlow Davis (Columbia)

Event Type: 
Standard Event
Event Date: 
Saturday, April 11, 2015 (All day)