The following is a list of all dissertations that have been written in the Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures:


Lindsay Ceballos
Tragic Thinking in Early Russian Modernism: Minskii, Merezhkovski and Briusov

Elena Susanna Weygandt
Embodiment in Post-Somatic, Postdramtic Russian New Drama


Jason Strudler
Mathematical Rebellion. Zero in the Russian Avant-Garde


Cori Anderson
Case and event structure in Russian and Lithuanian

Vrinda Chidambaram
On Resumptive Pronouns in Slavic


Anna Berman 
Siblings: The Path to Universal Brotherhood in Tolstoy and Dostoevsky


James Tonn
Between Us and Artistic Appreciation: Nabokov and the Problem of Distortion  
Jesse R. Menefee
Twisted Mirrors and Merged Polarities in Russia’s Decadent Imagination


Lucie Medova
Reflexive Clitics in Slavic and Romance Languages. A Comparative View from an Antipassive Perspective  

Mark Pettus
Dostoevsky’s Closed Threshold in the Construction of the Existential Novel  


Yuri Corrigan
Chekhov’s Existentialism: The Ethics of Outsideness  

Ivan Eubanks
Influence, Discourse and Synthesis in Alexander Pushkin's Dramaturgy, with an Epilogue on Novelistic Discourse in Hordubal, Karel Capek's Adaptation of the Oresteia  


Dunja Popovic
Sacrifice and Salvation: Twentieth-Century Russian Literature and Soviet Ideology of the Body  

Sarah Valentine (Dunn)
The Poetry and Thought of Gennady Aigi  


Tania Gordeev
The Letter as Inserted Genre in the Russian Literary Tradition  

Sarah Beth Mohler-Kube
A Prosaics of the Mind's Eye: Reader Visualization, Perspective Engagement, and the Visual Ethics of Tolstoy's War and Peace  


Cole M Crittenden
Theatre in Time: The Meta-Temporal Drama of Chekhov, Vvedensky, and Havel  

Laura Elaine Davies
A Construction-Grammatical Analysis of Impersonalization in Russian  


Jeanette Koenig
A Diachronic Analysis of the Interaction of Syllabification and Jer Vocalization  

Sarah Clovis-Bishop
The Book of Poems in Twentieth-Century Russian Literature: Khodasevich, Gippius and Shvarts  


Eva Rottman
The Mary Stuart Myth in 20th Century Russian Literature  


Brian K. Stimmler
A Diachronic Analysis of the Russian Short Form Active Participle: the Syntax of Absolutes and Bare Predicate Adjuncts  

Stephanie Harves
Unaccusative Syntax in Russian  


Abigail Wildman Konopasky
A Syntacto-Morphological Analysis of Dependent Heads in Slavic  

Edit Noemi Jakab
The Modality of Nonfinite Clauses in Slavic and Finno-Ugric  
Inessa Medzhibovskaya
Tolstoy's Projects of Transcendence (Reading the Conversion)  


David Freedel
A Comparative Pedagogical Analysis of Introductory Russian Language Textbooks  

James E. Lavine
Topics in the Syntax of Nonagreeing Predicates in Slavic  
Ludmila Shleyfer Lavine
From the Lyric to the Epic: Some Trends in the Early Twentieth-Century Russian POEMA  
Nicole M. Monnier
The Man Who Became a Myth: The Canonization of Vissarion Belinsky in the Russian Literary Tradition  


Thomas Cunningham
Terrible Visions: The Sublime Image of Ivan the Terrible in Russian Opera  


Anthony Prather
Platonov's Chevengur and the Soviet Literary World of the 1920s  

Craig Cravens
Pushkin's Evgenji Onegin, Dostoevsky's Besy, Capek's Hordubal, and Kundera's Zert: The First-Person Novel in Czech and Russian Literature  
Gabriella Safran
Narratives of Jewish Acculturation in the Russian Empire: Bogrov, Orzeszkowa Leskov, Chekov  
Marjorie J. McShane
Ellipsis in Slavic: The Syntax-Discourse Interface  


Loren Billings
Approximation in Russian and the Single-Word Constraint  


Emily Klenin
Russian Reflexive Pronouns and the Semantic Roles of Noun Phrases in Sentences  

Ronald Feldstein
The Prosodic System of Common Slavic


Ellen Chances
The Ideology of "Pocvennicestvo" in Dostoevskij's Journals Vremja and Epokha  

Nicholas Rzhevsky
Herzen in Russian Literature  


J.G. Kelso Russell
Leskov and Folklore  

Priscilla Meyer
Aksenov and Soviet Prose of the 1950's and 1960's  
Virginia Heron Bennett
The Russian Tradition of Nineteenth Century Literary Memoirs and Andrej Belyj's Vospominanija o A. A. Bloke  


Lewis Jules Bernhardt
Chapters in the History of the Hebrew Literary Renaissance in Russia (1892 - 1924): Hebrew Renaissance Poetry in Russian Translation  

Michael K. Launer
Word-Formation in the Russian Adverb  


Gary Kern
Lev Lunc, Serapion Brother  

John Earl Malmstad
The Poetry of Andrej Belyj: A Variorum Edition  


Elizabeth Phelps Sessions
The Language of Two Versions of the First Six Chapters of the Skazanie Avraamija Palicyna  

Elliott Dunbar Mossman
The Prose of Boris Pasternak  


Joseph Benjamin Dees
Content and Expression in the Poetry of Baratynskij  


Henry Robert Hedrick
The Poetry of Derzavin